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The updated book is event greater, 376 pages, a new episode on Antarctica, 200 + new pictures... amazing printing in Verona Italy.

The cover picture made it to the WPY59 of London’s Natural History Museum exhibition, the most famous photo nature exhibition in the world


CALL OF THE BLUE II is at 95 Euros + Post and Package ( 20Euros for Europe, GBP 10 UK )

Write me for  USA and CANADA 

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Ingrid Andersen, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme

"The importance of work like Philip's is that it helps us re-focus, it helps ensure that the spotlight remains fully and firmly on what is at stake- the oceans life that inspires and sustain us. "

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Photographer, journalist, reporter, filmmaker and environmentalist. Author of Earth from Above.

"Our oceans, our world, needs a revolution. That of morals and ethics"


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Dimension 236x315 - Pages 376- 2.45 Kilos each-   ISBN 9781399974748

All rights reserved.

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A large coffee table book, 354 pages printed in Verona Italy, non-profit project that took me 5 years to complete 

The Guardian:

'This groundbreaking book includes contributions from acclaimed scientists and ocean ‘guardians’, who reveal what drove them to answer the call of the blue'

The Economist 1843

It was, he admits, a calculated decision to mix beautiful pictures with harsh words: “I’m not trying to deceive myself [by] hiding the problems and pretending that everything is perfect out there.” Yet he realised that the book would go unnoticed without beautiful photographs. “A single photo can be the most powerful conservation tool,” he says. This magnificent book is his call to arms. Let’s hope it works.

GQ Magazine :

Philip Hamilton's new book 'Call Of The Blue' is a beautiful, otherworldly compendium of underwater photographs. Here, he describes the challenges – and life-threatening dangers – of getting those pictures.

Call of the Blue  

The scientific and conservation narrative has been written by UK' marine biologist Tom Hooper, assisted by Jessica Rudd and has the participation of world’s best specialists in their field (50 of them) such as:


Dr Charlie Veron R        Dr Jean Wiener R            Dr Christie Macmillan  C      Isabelle Côté R

Dr Denise Herzing C      Brendan Godley T           Peter Sale R                         David Pawson   R

Filipa Samarra C            David Harasti R              Marta Pola R                         Sarah Foster  R

Dr Andrea Marshall M    Dr Mauricio Hoyos S     Miguel Iñiquez C                    Lauren Smith S

Dr Kike Ballesteros O     Dr Alastair Harris R      Peter Gill C                             Michelle Heupel S

Richard Sears C             Mikki McComb-Bobza   Lad Akins O                            Bonnie Mccay O

Dr Hal Whitehead C        Dr Mark Spalding R      Erick Higuera M                     Rachel Graham S

Dr David Obura R            Dr Richard Smith R     Guy Stevens M                        Yannis Papastamatiou S

Angela Ziltener C            Zafer Kizilkaya O          Annette Broderick  T              Ussif Rashid Sumaila

Jeanne Mortimer T         Rebecca Scott T           Deni Ramirez S                      Tundy Agardy O

Jim Hancock S                Simon Pierce S            Owen O’Shea M                      Roger Payne  C

Michel Guerrero M          Erik Van Sebille O       Jennifer Lavers O                    Kirsten Grorud-Colvert

Dení Ramirez-Macías     Erich Hoyt C                           

R=reef/coastal waters   C= cetaceans T=turtles   O= oceans   S=sharks   M= mantas & rays

Academic Conclusions

Prof. Paul Ekins OBE, British academic in the field of sustainable economics. Currently co-director of the UK Energy Research Centre.

Professor of Resources and Environment Policy- Resource efficiency.


Prof. M Braungart, German Chemist Founder of EPEA and Cradle to Cradle concept. Former Greenpeace activist now considered being a visionary environmental thinker.


Prof Karl-Henrik Robèrt, a Swedish cancer scientist and an important figure in the world’s sustainability movement. Known for the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development - also known as The Natural Step Framework. Blue Planet Prize winner

The Ocean Guardians

In addition, we interviewed 50 world personalities but due to printing considerations we could only include 21 of them at this time, all are widely considered as global ocean guardians  - explorers, entrepreneurs, presenters, film makers, actors, singers, authors, sportsmen and key figures that answered the call of the blue.


Paul Rose - NatGeo Explorer, scientist -TV presenter.            

US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse – Leader in ocean legislation at US Senate.             

Leonor Varela - Actress – Cleopatra, Man of the Iron Mask, The Tailor of Panama etc.                                 

Rob Swan - OBE, FRGS is the first person to walk to both Poles. Antarctica advocate and renewal energy.

Louie Psihoyos - Oscar winner, The Cove, NatGeo photographer, Ocean Preservation Society.

Rick O’Barry- Captured and trained the 5 dolphins that played Flipper series, founded Dolphinproject.

Nick Moloney-Professional Yachtsman, 15 times world record holder, 3X around world, America’s cup.

William Trubridge- Freediving World Champion.                              

Buzzy Kerbox- Surf world champion, developer of tow-in surfing with Laird Hamilton.

Roz Savage- First woman to row solo across three oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian.

Paul de Gelder- Navy clearance diver, shark attack survivor, author, speaker.

Miranda Krestovnikoff- BBC and radio presenter specialising in natural history and archaeology.

Catherine Yrisarri- Journalist, Filmmaker, NatGeo, NYTimes, Time publications etc.             

Siddarth Chakravarty- Former 1st officer of Sea Shepherd (7 Campaigns)–Researcher and Ocean activist

Ken Nedimyer- Founder Coral restoration foundation. Largest in the world.                                      

Jo Royle- Sea Champion and founder of Common Seas. Conservation strategies and plastic solutions.

Frank Pope- Author, marine archeologist and conservationist. The Times Ocean correspondent.

Doug Woodring- Ocean Recovery Alliance NGO, leading expert on plastic pollution.

Kevin Huang, Fighting shark fin soup industry and inform Canadian population                   

Regina Domingo,  Founder of Nakawe project.   

Maximiliano Bello, Ocean Policy AdvisorMission Blue Director                                                                                      

Conrad Humphrey, Ocean racing skipper adventurer and environmentalist

Conservationist notes

Mehgan Heany-Grier, American champion freediver, fashion model, actress, conservationist, and TV personality.


Jonathan Balcombe, British born Biologist, scientist, speaker and author of the best selling book  “What a fish knows”.


Daniela Fernandez, Ecuador born award-winning social entrepreneur, writer, and speaker on ocean technology, youth engagement and blockchain. Founder and Chair of the Sustainable Oceans Alliance (SOA)


Mike Coots, American- Hawaii Shark attack survivor, photographer and shark advocate

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